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Paper: Host Galaxies of Hard X-ray Selected Type 2 Active Galactic Nuclei at Intermediate Redshifts
Volume: 373, The Central Engine of Active Galactic Nuclei
Page: 679
Authors: Kiuchi, G.; Ohta, K.; Akiyama, M.; Aoki, K.; Ueda, Y.
Abstract: We studied host galaxies of 15 hard X-ray selected type 2 AGNs (median redshift is 0.22). Thanks to the intrinsic obscuration of a bright nu- cleus, we can decompose galaxies and derive spheroid luminosities. We can also derive a black hole masses in the sample AGNs from the absorption corrected X-ray luminosity assuming an Eddington ratio. The resultant black hole mass to spheroid luminosity relation at the redshifts does not show a significant evolution from z ~ 0.
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