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Paper: Simulations of GRB Imaging with AGILE
Volume: 312, Third Rome Workshop on Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Era
Page: 532
Authors: Longo, F.; Vercellone, S.; Tavani, M.; Argan, A.; Auricchio, N.; Celesti, E.; Chen, A.; Cocco, V.; Del Monte, E.; Feroci, M.; Galli, M.; Giuliani, A.; Lapshov, I.; Lipari, P.; Pellizzoni, A.; Pittori, C.; Preger, B.; AGILE Collaboration, on behalf of the
Abstract: AGILE is planned to be operational during the years 2005-2007. No other missions dedicated to gamma-ray astrophysics in the energy band 30 MeV - 50 GeV will be operational in that period. Most useful to GRB science will be the excellent positioning and sensitivity at off-axis angles, the very small instrumental daytimes and the onboard capability to trigger GRB in the hard-X ray range. AGILE will be able to detect 5-10 events/year above 50 MeV and 1-2/month in the 10-40 keV energy range. AGILE will have the unique capability to study simultaneously the gamma-ray and the hard-X ray emission. Simulation results of the AGILE GRB imaging capability are presented.
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