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Paper: Near-Infrared Speckle Imaging and AO Polarimetry of the Bipolar Proto-Planetary Nebula Frosty Leo
Volume: 378, Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars: Their Importance as Actors and Probes
Page: 321
Authors: Murakawa, K.; Ohnaka, K.; Driebe, T.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Schertl, D.; Oya, S.; Weigelt, G.
Abstract: We present a K′–band speckle image and H,K–band polarimetric images of the oxygen-rich proto-planetary nebula Frosty Leo. Our speckle image reveals clumpy structures in the hourglass-like bipolar nebula. The polarimetric data, for the first time, detected an elongated region with small polarization. We have performed radiative transfer calculations to investigate the physical properties of the Frosty Leo nebula. We found that micron-size grains in the dense equatorial region and small grains in the bipolar lobes are required to explain the total intensity images, the polarization images, and the spectral energy distribution.
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