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Paper: Ly-α Line Profile Modeling of z ∼ 3 LBG with a 3D Radiation Transfer Code
Volume: 380, At the Edge of the Universe: Latest Results from the Deepest Astronomical Surveys
Page: 97
Authors: Verhamme, A.; Schaerer, D.; Atek, H.; Tapken, C.
Abstract: To understand the diversity of Lyα line profiles observed in star forming galaxies and related objects, a 3D Monte Carlo Lyα radiation transfer code was developed (Verhamme et al. 2006). This code allows for prescribed arbitrary hydrogen density, ionisation, temperature structures, and dust distributions, and arbitrary velocity fields and UV photon sources. Here we present results from the first modeling of the Lyα line with our code of a sample of z ~ 3 Lyman break galaxies taken from Pettini et al. (2002) and Tapken et al. (2007). A simple model of an expanding neutral shell surrounding a starburst region reproduce the whole variety of spectra ranging from double-peaked profiles to asymmetric emission lines, P-Cygni profiles, and broad absorption. If observational constraints give us the outflow velocity and the dust content, other parameters such as the hydrogen column density, the intrinsic Lyα emission and hence SFR, and the intrinsic Lyα line widths, can be determined consistently taking all radiation transfer effects into account.
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