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Paper: The Environment of X-ray AGN at z ≈ 1
Volume: 380, At the Edge of the Universe: Latest Results from the Deepest Astronomical Surveys
Page: 157
Authors: Georgakakis, A.; Nandra, K.; Cooper, M.C.; the AEGIS collaboration
Abstract: We explore the environment of AGN at z ≈ 1 using a sample of 130 spectroscopically identified X-ray sources in the All-wavelength Extended Groth strip International Survey. We quantify the local density in the vicinity of an X-ray source by measuring the projected surface density of spectroscopically identified optical galaxies within a radius defined by the 3rd nearest neighbour. We find that X-ray selected AGN at z ≈ 1 avoid, on average, underdense regions and share the same environment with optical galaxies of the similar U − B and MB.
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