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Paper: Properties of DRGs, LBGs, and BzK Galaxies in the GOODS South Field
Volume: 380, At the Edge of the Universe: Latest Results from the Deepest Astronomical Surveys
Page: 343
Authors: Grazian, A.; Salimbeni, S.; Pentericci, L.; Fontana, A.; Santini, P.; Giallongo, E.; De Santis, C.; Gallozzi, S.; Nonino, M.; Cristiani, S.; Vanzella, E.
Abstract: We use the GOODS-MUSIC catalog with multi-wavelength coverage extending from the U band to the Spitzer 8μm band, and spectroscopic or accurate photometric redshifts to select samples of BM/BX/LBGs, DRGs, and BzK galaxies. We discuss the overlap and the limitations of these selection criteria, which can be overcome with a criterion based on physical parameters (age and star formation timescale). We show that the BzK-PE criterion is not optimal for selecting early type galaxies at the faint end. We also find that LBGs and DRGs contribute almost equally to the global Stellar Mass Density (SMD) at z ≥ 2 and in general that star forming galaxies form a substantial fraction of the universal SMD.
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