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Paper: Tests of optical fibres for astronomical instrumentation at ESO
Volume: 3, Fiber Optics in Astronomy
Page: 63
Authors: Avila, Gerardo
Abstract: This paper presents results on transmission and focal ratio degradation (FRD) measurements on 18 types of optical fibers considered for astronomical instrumentation at La Silla, together with results on the optical coupling of fibers with microlenses. Results show that spectral transmission of optical fibers doped with high content of OH(-) radicals is close to the theoretical limit in the near-UV region; however, this improvement is obtained at the expense of absorption peaks in the 700-1000 nm range. The results of the tests confirm that the FRD depends greatly on the operating conditions and the quality of the fiber-end termination. Only fast beams (around F/3) can be launched into the fiber with a relatively small degradation.
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