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Paper: Rotation of evolved stars
Volume: 9, Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun: Sixth Cambridge Workshop
Page: 404
Authors: de Medeiros, J. R.; Mayor, M.
Abstract: Rotation measurements have been made for more than 1900 evolved stars of luminosity classes IV, III, II and Ib in the spectral range F-G-K. The survey was carried out with the CORAVEL spectrometer. The behavior of the distribution of projected equatorial rotational velocities in these spectral regions is studied as a function of luminosity and colors. A well-defined 'rotational dividing line' is established. The rotational discontinuity appears at F81V, GOIII, F9II and near F9Ib. A strong modification of the previous explanations for the rotational behavior of evolved stars emerges from the data.
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