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Paper: Simulating Collapsing Clouds
Volume: 323, Star Formation in the Interstellar Medium: In Honor of David Hollenbach, Chris McKee, and Frank Shu
Page: 385
Authors: Allen, A.
Abstract: It is believed that stars form from the collapse of molecular cloud cores. To study this process, magneto-hydrodynamics simulations were carried out, starting with the singular isothermal sphere and adding additional physics to elucidate the star formation process. This work summarizes the models treated by Allen, Shu, & Li (2003) and Allen, Li, and Shu (2003) using zeus2d (Norman and Stone, 1992ab). We also present a new method of limiting the Alfv&#én velocity in the near vacuum region by the MHD mesh that allows extension of the non-rotating, magnetized simulations up to more flattened configurations.
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