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Paper: A homogeneous bright quasar survey description of a Key-Programme
Volume: 21, The Space Distribution of Quasars
Page: 76
Authors: Cristiani, S.; La Franca, F.; Andreani, P.; Gemmo, A.; Vio, R.; Barbieri, C.; Lazzarin, M.; Sanvico, M.; Miller, L.; Goldschmidt, C.
Abstract: A large shallow survey for quasars was undertaken to achieve a better understanding of the quasar luminosity function and of large clustering at z less than 2.2. The Key-Programme was started in 1989 and the expected duration is five years. The planned area of the survey is approximately 1500 sq deg with limiting magnitudes of 16 to 19 B and z less than 2.2. Plates have been obtained for 25 fields of 25 sq deg each and 14 fields have been photometrically calibrated.
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