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Paper: On the Analysis of Old Objective-Prism Plate Spectra with Modern Systems
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 30
Authors: Rossi, C.; Polcaro, V.F.; Viotti, R.F.; Filippi, A.; Pedicelli, S.; Omizzolo, A.
Abstract: Objective prism (OP) spectroscopic plates collected with Schmidt Telescopes are a heritage of the pre-electronic Astronomy which may still contain useful data for statistical researches, and precious information on unrecorded peculiar events as well. Modern imaging processing techniques may allow to extract rapidly the massive amount of information included in a single plate. We present the results of our preliminary analysis of a set of old OP plates collected to follow the spectral evolution of a Symbiotic Nova, with special regards to the problem of the spectrophotometric calibration and of the quality of commercial scanners.
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