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Paper: The CDS Hub
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 637
Authors: Genova, F.; Allen, M.G.; Boch, T.; Bonnarel, F.; Cambresy, L.; Derriere, S.; Dubois, P.; Fernique, P.; Lesteven, S.; Oberto, A.; Ochsenbein, F.; Preite A.; Martinez, Schaaff, A.; Vollmer, B.; Wenger, M.; Louys, M.; Davoust, E.; Jasniewicz, G.
Abstract: The status of the CDS services is described. In particular, new features developed in the context of the Virtual Observatory and using IVOA-discussed standards have been included in the public version of the services, e.g., filter capabilities using Unified Content Descriptors (UCDs) in VizieR and Aladin, customized hierarchical data tree using the IDHA data model, contour plots and colour composition in Aladin, and others. Aladin has also been made easy to interface with Java plug-ins, as shown with VOPlot, the table data visualizer developed by VO-India in collaboration with CDS, which is also interfaced with VizieR.
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