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Paper: The CARMA Software System
Volume: 314, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XIII
Page: 768
Authors: Scott, S.L.; Amarnath, N.S.; Beard, A.D.; Daniel, P.; Gwon, C.; Hobbs, R.; Kraybill, J.C.; Leitch, E.; Mehringer, D.M.; Plante, R.; Pound, M.W.; Rauch, K.P.; Teuben, P.J.
Abstract: CARMA combines the existing OVRO and BIMA millimeter-wave arrays with the new SZA array at a high altitude site. The array will have a total of 23 antennas of three different sizes, providing heterogeneous imaging capabilities at millimeter and centimeter wavelengths, along with a maximum bandwidth of 8~GHz and resolution of 0.1~arcseconds. The software system encompasses a monitor and control system, an archive, and an imaging pipeline. A well defined software process is used for a distributed software team that is spread across five sites. The university based nature of CARMA will provide hands on training for young astronomers and serve as a testbed for technical innovation.
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