Aalto, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
249 Gas Properties in the Starburst Centers of Barred Galaxies 619 Hüttemeister, S.; Aalto, S.
249 Gas Properties of the Medusa Minor Merger---Comparing with ULIRGs 626 Aalto, S.; Hüttemeister, S.; Walter, F.
249 An Inner Molecular Bar or Disk in NGC 5195 719 Aalto, S.; Rydbeck, G.
320 Dense Molecular Gas and Starformation in Interacting Galaxies 3 Aalto, S.
320 HI and CO in Moderate Luminosity Mergers 107 Manthey, E.; Huttemeister, S.; Aalto, S.
320 CO in M51 152 Rydbeck, G.; Thomasson, M.; Aalto, S.; Johansson, L.; Huttemeister, S.
320 Large CO Ratio Variations in NGC 2146 158 Karlsson, E.; Aalto, S.; Bergman, P.
320 Cold Dust in Barred Galaxies 160 Olsson, E.; Huttemeister, S.; Aalto, S.
320 A Molecular Bar in the LINER NGC 5218 162 Olsson, E.; Aalto, S.; Thomasson, M.; Huttemeister, S.
320 OH Molecules & Masers in Messier 82 183 Pedlar, A.; Muxlow, T.; Smith, R.; Thrall, H.; Beswick, R.; Aalto, S.; Booth, R.; Wills, K.
499 Galaxies and Galaxy Nuclei: From Hot Cores to Cold Outflows 85 Aalto, S.
499 An ALMA Spectral Scan of the Obscured Luminous Infrared Galaxy NGC 4418 95 Costagliola, F.; Sakamoto, K.; Aalto, S.; Muller, S.; Martín, S.