Adams, F. C.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
32 Gravitational Instabilties in Circumstellar Disks and the Formation of Binary Companions 185 Adams, F. C.; Benz, W.
134 The Formation of Brown Dwarfs: Star Formation and the Initial Mass Function (invited review) 3 Adams, F. C.
136 The Theory of Star Formation and Distortions of the Initial Mass Function 329 Adams, F. C.
243 Early Cluster Evolution and the IMF 291 Adams, F. C.
534 Architectures of Compact Multi-Planet Systems: Diversity and Uniformity 863 Weiss, L. M.; Millholland, S. C.; Petigura, E. A.; Adams, F. C.; Batygin, K.; Block, A. M.; Mordasini, C.