Adelman, S.J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
348 The Photosphere and Stellar Wind of Deneb (A2 Ia) in the Far Ultraviolet 124 Aufdenberg, J.P.; Morrison, N.D.; Hauschildt, P.H.; Adelman, S.J.
348 The Abundances of the Fe Group Elements in the Early B Star AV 304 in the Small Magellanic Cloud 136 Peters, G.J.; Adelman, S.J.
364 The ASTRA Spectrophotometer: Design and Overview 255 Adelman, S.J.; Gulliver, A.F.; Smalley, B.; Pazder, J.S.; Younger, P.F.; Boyd, L.J.; Epand, D.; Younger, T.
364 The ASTRA Spectrophotometer: Reduction and Flux Calibrations 265 Smalley, B.; Gulliver, A.F.; Adelman, S.J.