Afram, N.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
358 Spectro-Polarimetry of a Sunspot in Atomic and Molecular Lines with THEMIS 319 Arnaud, J.; Berdyugina, S.V.; Fluri, D.M.; Afram, N.; Solanki, S.K.; Raouafi, N.-E.
358 Molecular Diagnostics of the Internal Structure of Starspots and Sunspots 375 Afram, N.; Berdyugina, S.V.; Fluri, D.M.; Solanki, S.K.; Lagg, A.; Petit, P.; Arnaud, J.
358 Detection of the Molecular Zeeman Effect in Circular Polarization on Cool Active Stars 381 Berdyugina, S.V.; Petit, P.; Fluri, D.M.; Afram, N.; Arnaud, J.
384 First Direct Detection of Magnetic Fields in Starspots and Stellar Chromospheres 175 Berdyugina, S. V.; Fluri, D. M.; Afram, N.; Suwald, F.; Petit, P.; Arnaud, J.; Harrington, D. M.; Kuhn, J. R.
405 FeH – A Valuable Magnetic Diagnostic Tool 349 Afram, N.; Berdyugina, S.V.; Fluri, D.M.
405 Magnetic Fields on M Dwarfs Measured with FeH 527 Afram, N.; Reiners, A.; Berdyugina, S.V.