Aharonian, F. A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
422 Radio and X-ray Observations of the Possible New Gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057 128 Skilton, J. L.; Hinton, J. A.; Brucker, J.; Pandey-Pommier, M.; Cheung, C. C.; Aharonian, F. A.; Dubus, G.; Fiasson, A.; Funk, A.; Gallant, Y.; Marcowith, A.; Reimer, O.
427 Discovery of VHE γ-rays from Centaurus A 302 Raue, M.; Lenain, J.-P.; Aharonian, F. A.; Becherini, Y.; Boisson, C.; Clapson, A.-C.; Costamante, L.; Gérard, L.; Medina, C.; de Naurois, M.; Punch, M.; Rieger, F.; So, H.; Stawarz, L.; Zech, A. for the H.E.S.S. Collaboration