Ai, Guoxiang

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
46 Progress in Measurement of Solar Magnetic Fields (Invited) 149 Ai, Guoxiang
46 New Calibration Parameter for Observations of Transverse Solar Magnetic Fields in the FeI 5324.19 Angstrom Line 196 Song, Weihong; Ai, Guoxiang
46 Structure of Chromospheric Magnetic Field in Solar Active Regions 263 Zhang, Hongqi; Ai, Guoxiang; Li, Wei; Chen, Jimin
46 Evolving Feature of H-Beta Doppler Velocity Fields in Sites of Flares 267 Li, Wei; Ai, Guoxiang; Zhang, Hongqi
46 Reversed Polarity Structure of Chromospheric Magnetic Fields in Active Regions 299 Li, Wei; Ai, Guoxiang; Zhang, Hongqi; Chen, Jimin