Ajhar, E. A.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
50 Radial Surface Brightness Fluctuations and Color Magnitude Diagrams in V and I 229 Ajhar, E. A.
116 Hubble Space Telescope Observations of M32 308 Grillmair, Carl J.; Lauer, Tod R.; Worthey, Guy; Faber, S. M.; Freedman, Wendy L.; Madore, Barry F.; Ajhar, E. A.; Baum, W. A.; Holtzman, J. A.; Lynds, C. R.; O'Neil, E. J., Jr.; Stetson, P. B.
201 The SBF Survey: First Results on Large-Scale Flows 70 Tonry, J. L.; Dressler, A.; Blakeslee, J. P.; Ajhar, E. A.
201 Comparing the SBF Survey Velocity Field with the Gravity Field from Redshift Surveys 254 Blakeslee, J. P.; Davis, M.; Tonry, J. L.; Ajhar, E. A.; Dressler, A.