Alecian, E.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
358 Investigation of the Magnetic Field Characteristics of Herbig Ae/Be Stars: Discovery of the Pre-Main Sequence Progenitors of the Magnetic Ap/Bp Stars 369 Wade, G.A.; Drouin, D.; Bagnulo, S.; Landstreet, J.D.; Mason, E.; Silvester, J.; Alecian, E.; Boehm, T.; Bouret, J.-C.; Catala, C.; Donati, J.-F.; Folsom, C.; Bale, K.
449 Magnetism of Herbig Ae/Be stars 262 Wade, G. A.; Alecian, E.; Grunhut, J.; Catala, C.; Bagnulo, S.; Folsom, C. P.; Landstreet, J. D.
449 Magnetic Topologies of the Herbig Ae/Be Stars 275 Alecian, E.; Wade, G. A.; Catala, C.; Bagnulo, S.; Böhm, T.; Bouret, J.; Donati, J.; Folsom, C.; Grunhut, J.; Landstreet, J. D.; Petit, P.; Silvester, J.
449 Magnetic Fields, Winds and X-Rays of Massive Stars: A Spectropolarimetric Survey of the Orion Cluster 290 Petit, V.; Wade, G.; Drissen, L.; Montmerle, T.; Alecian, E.
464 The Magnetic Fields and Magnetospheres of Hot Stars 375 Alecian, E.