Alexander, C.M.O'D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
341 Evaporation and Condensation During CAI and Chondrule Formation 432 Davis, A.M.; Alexander, C.M.O'D.; Nagahara, H.; Richter, F.M.
341 Genetic Relationships between Chondrules, Fine-grained Rims, and Interchondrule Matrix 701 Huss, G.R.; Alexander, C.M.O'D.; Palme, H.; Bland, P.A.; Wasson, J.T.
341 From Supernovae to Planets: The View from Meteorites and Interplanetary Dust Particles 972 Alexander, C.M.O'D.
534 The Isotopic Links from Planet Forming Regions to the Solar System 1075 Nomura, H.; Furuya, K.; Cordiner, M. A.; Charnley, S. B.; Alexander, C.M.O'D.; Nixon, C. A.; Guzman, V. V.; Yurimoto, H.; Tsukagoshi, T.; Iino, T.