Alexander, T.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
263 Spin-up of Stars by Hyperbolic Encounters in Black Hole Cusps 279 Alexander, T.; Kumar, P.
439 Massive Young Stars in the Galactic Center 100 Bartko, H.; Martins, F.; Trippe, S.; Fritz, T. K.; Genzel, R.; Ott, T.; Eisenhauer, F.; Gillessen, S.; Paumard, T.; Alexander, T.; Dodds-Eden, K.; Gerhard, O.; Levin, Y.; Mascetti, L.; Nayakshin, S.; Perets, H. B.; Perrin, G.; Pfuhl, O.; Reid, M. J.; Rouan, D.; Zilka, M.; Sternberg, A.
439 Key Questions about Galactic Center Dynamics 129 Alexander, T.