Althaus, L.G.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
334 Masses, Radii, and Bolometric Luminosities of DA White Dwarfs in the First Data Release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 107 Nalezyty, M.; Madej, J.; Althaus, L.G.
334 The Effects of Crystallization on the Pulsational Properties of Massive ZZ Ceti Stars 537 Corsico, A.H.; Althaus, L.G.; Montgomery, M.H.; Garcia-Berro, E.
378 On the Surface Temperature-Gravity-Mass Relation of H-Deficient Post-AGB Tracks 131 Miller Bertolami, M.M.; Althaus, L.G.; Weiss, A.
391 Asteroseismological Modeling of PG 1159−035 199 Córsico, A.H.; Althaus, L.G.; Miller Bertolami, M.M.; Kepler, S.O.; Costa, J.E.S.
391 The Importance of the Remnant’s Mass for VLTP Born-Again Times. Implications for V4334 Sgr and V605Aql 203 Miller Bertolami, M.M.; Althaus, L.G.
391 Modeling He-rich Subdwarfs through the Hot-Flasher Scenario: First Results 265 Miller Bertolami, M.M.; Althaus, L.G.