An, T.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
395 The SMA Observations of CO Line Emission from Arp 220: Super Clusters of Giant Molecular Clouds in the Merging Nuclei 384 Zhao, J.-H.; An, T.
439 ATCA Detection of SiO Masers in the Inner Parsecs of the Galactic Center 260 Li, J.; An, T.; Shen, Z.; Miyazaki, A.
502 The East-Asian VLBI Network 81 Wajima, K.; Hagiwara, Y.; An, T.; Baan, W. A.; Fujisawa, K.; Hao, L.; Jiang, W.; Jung, T.; Kawaguchi, N.; Kim, J.; Kobayashi, H.; Oh, S.-J.; Roh, D.-G.; Wang, M. Wu, Y.; Xia, B.; Zhang, M.