Andersen, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
83 The Distribution of the RR Lyrae Variables in W Centauri and Background Light 389 Petersen, J. O.; Andersen, M.
384 The Eagle Nebula: Pillars of Creation, EGGs, and PMS stars in NGC 6611 59 59 Linsky, J.L.; Gacné, M.; Mytyk, A.; McCaughrean, M.; Andersen, M.
414 Dust Formation Observed in Young Supernova Remnants with Spitzer 22 Rho, J.; Reach, W. T.; Tappe, A.; Rudnick, L.; Kozasa, T.; Hwang, U.; Andersen, M.; Gomez, H.; DeLaney, T.; Dunne, L.; Slavin, J.