Ann, H. B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
91 Inner Spiral Arms of the Barred Galaxy NGC 4314 88 Ann, H. B.; Kwon, K. H.
203 Time-Series CCD Photometry of Northern Open Clusters Using the BOAO 1.8-m Telescope: III. NGC 2301 457 Kim, S.-L.; Park, B.-G.; Chun, M.-Y.; Sung, H.; Jeon, Y.-B.; Yuk, I.-S.; Ann, H. B.; Lee, S. H.; Lee, M. G.
230 SPH Simulations of Nuclear Rings in Barred Galaxies 233 Ann, H. B.; Kang, H.; Lee, H. M.
421 Isolated Galaxies and Isolated Satellite Systems 15 Ann, H. B.; Park, C.; Choi, Y. Y.