Antokhin, I. I.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
22 Evidence for Varying Global Asymmetries in the Wind of the WN6 Wolf-Rayet Star HD 191765 (Contributed Poster) 224 Marchenko, S. V.; Moffat, A. F. J.; Annuk, K.; Antokhin, I. I.
204 Modeling the Spectra of Colliding Winds in the Wolf-Rayet WC8 + 08-9 Binary CV Ser 295 Antokhin, I. I.; Hill, G. M.; Moffat, A. F. J.
305 Search for X-ray Variability in Early-type Stars in the Carina OB1 Association with XMM-Newton 383 Antokhin, I. I.; Rauw, G.; Vreux, J.-M.; van der Hucht, K. A.
510 A Flexible and Efficient Method for Solving Ill-Posed Linear Integral Equations of the First Kind for Noisy Data 522 Antokhin, I. I.