Armstrong, J. D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
416 Time-Distance Envelope Widths: What Can They Tell Us? 93 Armstrong, J. D.
436 A Fourier Optics and Wavefront Sensing Laboratory Activity 160 Do, T.; Fitzgerald, M.; Ammons, S. M.; Crossfield, I.; Yelda, S.; Armstrong, J. D.; Severson, S.
436 Teaching Optics and Systems Engineering With Adaptive Optics Workbenches 306 Harrington, D. M.; Ammons, M.; Hunter, L.; Max, C.; Hoffmann, M.; Pitts, M.; Armstrong, J. D.
436 The Adaptive Optics Summer School Laboratory Activities 394 Ammons, S. M.; Severson, S.; Armstrong, J. D.; Crossfield, I.; Do, T.; Fitzgerald, M.; Harrington, D.; Hickenbotham, A.; Hunter, J.; Johnson, J.; Johnson, L.; Li, K.; Lu, J.; Maness, H.; Morzinski, K.; Norton, A.; Putnam, N.; Roorda, A.; Rossi, E.; Yelda, S.