Arsenault, R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
4 The use of giant extragalactic HII regions as distance indicator - New results from a catalog of HII regions in the galaxy NGC 4321 303 Arsenault, R.; Boulesteix, J.; Georgelin, Y.; Roy, J.-R.
216 NAOS Real-Time Computer for Optimized Closed Loop and On-Line Performance Estimation 373 Rabaud, D.; Chazallet, F.; Rousset, G.; Amra, C.; Argast, B.; Montri, J.; Madec, P.-Y.; Arsenault, R.; Hubin, N.; Charton, J.; Dumont, G.
282 GRIF, the New 3D Spectroscopic Mode of the CFHT Adaptive Optics System: Presentation and First Results 457 Clénet, Y.; Le Coarer, E.; Joncas, G.; Beuzit, J.-L.; Rouan, D.; Chalabaev, A.; Rabou, P.; Arsenault, R.; Delage, C.; Marlot, C.; Vallée, P.; Grundseth, B.; Thomas, J.; Calder, B.; Forveille, T.; Lai, O.; Lacombe, F.