Aspin, Colin

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
14 Infrared Images of AGN 76 Ward, Martin J.; Depoy, Darren L.; Aspin, Colin
14 Low Mass Pre-Main Sequence Clusters in Regions of Massive Galactic Star Formation 238 McCaughrean, Mark; Zinnecker, Hans; Aspin, Colin; McLean, Ian
14 IR and Radio Images of Star Forming Regions: Dissipation of the Placental Cloud 285 Hayashi, Saeko S.; Aspin, Colin; Russell, Adrian P. G.; Gatley, Ian; Hasegawa, Tetsuo; Tanaka, Masuo
14 IR Imaging and Polarimetry of MONR2 IRS 288 Aspin, Colin; Walther, Dolores M.