D'Odorico, Sandro

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
222 The Lyman-Alpha Forest at 1.5 < z < 4 341 Kim, T.; Cristiani, Stefano; D'Odorico, Sandro
253 Molecular Hydrogen and the CMBR Temperature at z = 3.025 Toward QSO 0347-3819. 119 Levshakov, Sergei A.; Dessauges-Zavadasky, Miroslava; D'Odorico, Sandro; Molaro, Paolo
253 The [α/Zn] Ratios in the DLA System at Zabs = 3.025 : Evidence for a Halo Milky Way Like Abundance Pattern. 137 Dessauges-Zavadsky, Miroslava; D'Odorico, Sandro; Levshakov, Sergei A.; Molaro, Paolo