Dinescu, D.I.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
317 The Yale/San Juan Southern Proper Motion Catalog 3 206 Girard, T.M.; Dinescu, D.I.; van W.F.; Altena, Platais, I.; Lopez, C.E.; Monet, D.G.
327 Mapping Tidal Streams around Galactic Globular Clusters 255 Martinez Delgado, D.; Dinescu, D.I.; Zinn, R.; Tutsoff, A.; Cote, P.; Boyarchuck, A.
338 Absolute Proper Motion of the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy and of the Outer Bulge from SPM3 260 Dinescu, D.I.; Girard, T.M.; van Altena, W.F.; Lopez, C.E.
338 Transverse Velocity Distribution of the Thick Disk from SPM3 Proper Motions 264 Girard, T.M.; Korchagin, V.I.; Dinescu, D.I.; van Altena, W.F.; Lopez, C.E.; Monet, D.G.