Downes, D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
375 CO Line SEDs of High-Redshift QSOs and Submm Galaxies 25 Weiss, A.; Downes, D.; Walter, F.; Henkel, C.
375 Differential Lensing Effects in High-z Sources: Constraining the Size and Shape of the Emitting Regions 250 Krips, M.; Neri, R.; Eckart, A.; Barvainis, R.; Peck, A.; Downes, D.; Planesas, P.; Martin-Pintado, J.; Iono, D.; Petitpas, G.
439 The High-Density Ionized Gas in the Central Parsecs of the Galaxy 27 Zhao, J.; Blundell, R.; Moran, J. M.; Downes, D.; Schuster, K. F.; Marrone, D.