Dravins, D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
185 Astrometric versus Spectroscopic Radial Velocities 41 Dravins, D.; Gullberg, D.; Lindegren, L.; Madsen, S.
185 Exactly What Is Stellar 'Radial Velocity'? 73 Lindegren, L.; Dravins, D.; Madsen, S.
185 Radial Velocities without Spectroscopy 77 Madsen, S.; Lindegren, L.; Dravins, D.
185 Stellar Surface Convection, Line Asymmetries, and Wavelength Shifts 268 Dravins, D.
198 Main sequences of nearby open clusters and OB associations from kinematic modelling of Hipparcos data 137 Madsen, S.; Lindegren, L.; Dravins, D.
223 Absolute Lineshifts as Signatures of Stellar Surface Convection (CD-ROM Directory: contribs/dravins) 778 Dravins, D.
228 The Velocity Dispersion of the Hyades as a Function of Mass and Radius 506 Madsen, S.; Lindegren, L.; Dravins, D.
242 Quantum-Optical Signatures of Stimulated Emission 339 Dravins, D.