Duncan, W. D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
58 Cool Dust in the Spiral Galaxy NGC 3079 211 Price, Rob; Duric, Nebojsa; Duncan, W. D.
75 Measurements of the Submillimetre Emission Noise from Mauna Kea 295 Duncan, W. D.; Robson, I.; Ade, P. A. R.; Church, S. E.
216 Dual-Beam Rastering and Deconvolution Techniques for SCUBA 559 Jenness, T.; Holland, W. S.; Chapin, E.; Lightfoot, J. F.; Duncan, W. D.
217 SCUBA: Current Performance and Future Upgrades 107 Holland, W. S.; Robson, I.; Jenness, T.; Duncan, W. D.; Cunningham, C. R.; Laidlaw, K.