Dye, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
237 Gravitational Lens Magnification and the Distortion of the Galaxy Luminosity Function 295 Taylor, A. N.; Dye, S.; Thommes, E.; Wolf, C.; Meisenheimer, K.
418 The Herschel ATLAS Key Project 523 Serjeant, S.; Eales, S.; Dunne, L.; Clements, D.; Cooray, A.; De Zotti, G.; Dye, S.; Ivison, R.; Jarvis, M.; Lagache, G.; Maddox, S.; Negrello, M.; Thompson, M.; the Herschel ATLAS consortium
499 HATLAS J142935.3-002836, a lensed major merger at z=1.027 41 Messias, H.; Dye, S.; Nagar, N.; Orellana, G.; H-ATLAS team