Ebbets, D.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
120 New HST Results on Eta Carinae and the Inner Nebula 249 Ebbets, D.; Morse, J.; Davidson, K.; Walborn, N.
143 Panel Discussion on the Future of UV Spectroscopy in Space 249 Ebbets, D.
164 Performance of the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph for the Hubble Space Telescope 176 Green, J. C.; Morse, J. A.; Andrews, J.; Wilkinson, E.; Siegmund, O. H. W.; Ebbets, D.
179 Strange Velocities in the Equatorial Ejecta of η Carinae 123 Zethson, T.; Johansson, S.; Davidson, K.; Humphreys, R. M.; Ishibashi, K.; Ebbets, D.
207 The TRW/ Ball Aerospace Concept for NGST 37 Lightsey, P.; Ebbets, D.
348 Scientific Rationale for a 10 meter UV-Optical Telescope 559 Green, J.; Bally, J.; Brown, R.; Ebbets, D.; Freedman, W.; Grunsfeld, J.; Huchra, J.; Kilston, S.; Kimble, R.; Morse, J.; O'Connell, R.; Sembach, K.; Shull, M.; Siegmund, O.; Wilkinson, E.