Ercan, E. N.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
424 Suzaku Analysis of Galactic Supernova Remnants G27.4+0.0 and G12.0-0.1 171 Sezer, A.; Gök, F.; Hudaverdi, M.; Aktekin, E.; Ercan, E. N.
424 XMM-Newton Analysis of SNR G156.2+5.7 179 Hudaverdi, M.; Bozkurt, M.; Sezer, A.; Gök, F.; Ercan, E. N.
424 Structural Analysis of Abell 3560 Cluster of Galaxies 321 Hudaverdi, M.; Bourdin, H.; Bozkurt, M.; Ercan, E. N.
424 Suzaku Analysis of A1800 325 Aktekin, E.; Gök, F.; Hudaverdi, M.; Sezer, A.; Ercan, E. N.
424 X-ray Picture of Superclusters of Galaxies 330 Hudaverdi, M.; Bozkurt, M.; Ercan, E. N.