Ercolano, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
313 Lights in the Shadows, 3D-Modelling Knots with MOCASSIN 240 Morisset, C.; Ercolano, B.
313 Three-Dimensional Photoionization Modelling of the Hydrogen-Deficient Knots in the Planetary Nebula Abell 30 276 Ercolano, B.; Barlow, M.J.; Storey, P.J.; Liu, X.-W.; Rauch, T.; Werner, K.
378 Properties of the Circumstellar Envelope of the Dual Chemistry Post-AGB Star Roberts 22 295 Epitacio Pereira, D.N.; de Araujo, F.X.; Lorenz-Martins, S.; Ercolano, B.; Barlow, M.J.; Bowey, J.E.
388 3D Photoionization and Dust Modeling with MOCASSIN: Geometry Effects on the Spectra of Star-forming Regions 397 Ercolano, B.; Bastian, N.
390 The Effects of Spatially Distributed Ionization Sources on the Temperature Structure of HII Regions 110 Ercolano, B.
448 Planet Formation Around M-dwarf Stars: From Young Disks to Planets 469 Pascucci, I.; Laughlin, G.; Gaudi, B. S.; Kennedy, G.; Luhman, K.; Mohanty, S.; Birkby, J.; Ercolano, B.; Plavchan, P.; Skemer, A.
534 Hydro-, Magnetohydro-, and Dust-Gas Dynamics of Protoplanetary Disks 465 Lesur, G.; Flock, M.; Ercolano, B.; Lin, M.; Yang, C.; Barranco, J. A.; Benitez-Llambay, P.; Goodman, J.; Johansen, A.; Klahr, H.; Laibe, G.; Lyra, W.; Marcus, P. S.; Nelson, R. P.; Squire, J.; Simon, J. B.; Turner, N. J.; Umurhan, O. M.; Youdin, A. N.