Errico, L.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
242 A New Outburst Stage of the Symbiotic Triple-Star System CH Cygni 371 Skopal, A.; Bode, M. F.; Eyers, S. P. S.; Errico, L.; Teodorani, M.; Vittone, A. A.; Elkin, V.; Crocker, M. M.; Davis, R. J.
361 Light Variations of the Anomalous Central Star of Planetary Nebula Sh 2-71 469 Mikulasek, Z.; Skopal, A.; Zejda, M.; Pejcha, O.; Kohoutek, L.; Motl, D.; Vittone, A.A.; Errico, L.
362 Broad Hα Wings in Active Symbiotic Stars: The Case of Z Andromedae 228 Skopal, A.A.; Otsuka, M.; Tamura, S.; Vittone, A.A.; Errico, L.; Wolf, M.
401 Non-spherical Mass Outflow from RS Ophiuchi During its 2006 Outburst 227 Skopal, A.; Pribulla, T.; Buil, Ch.; Vittone, A.; Errico, L.