Evans II, N. J.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
432 The VIRUS-P Exploration of Nearby Galaxies (VENGA): Survey Design and First Results 180 Blanc, G. A.; Gebhardt, K.; Heiderman, A.; Evans II, N. J.; Jogee, S.; van den Bosch, R.; Marinova, I.; Weinzirl, T.; Yoachim, P.; Drory, N.; Fabricius, M.; Fisher, D.; Hao, L.; MacQueen, P. J.; Shen, J.; Hill, G. J.; Kormendy, J.
432 Evolutionary Models of the Formation of Protostars out of Low-Mass, Dense Cores: Towards Reconciling Models and Observations 197 Dunham, M. M.; Evans II, N. J.; Terebey, S.; Dullemond, C. P.; Young, C. H.