Kang, M.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
466 Mutual Influence of Magnetic Field Decay and Thermal Evolution of Rotational Neutron Stars 233 Zhou, X.; Kang, M.; Wang, N.
497 Stellar Properties of Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars in the Dwarf Irregular Galaxy IC 1613 481 Chun, S.-H.; Jung, M. Y.; Kang, M.; Jung, D.; Sohn, Y.-J.
499 Thermal Starless Ammonia Core Surrounded by CCS in the Orion A Cloud 189 Tatematsu, K.; Hirota, T.; Ohashi, S.; Choi, M.; Lee, J.E.; Yamamoto, S.; Umemoto, T.; Kandori, R.; Kang, M.; Mizuno, N.
499 The Chemical Variation in the Orion A Cloud Cores 191 Ohashi, S.; Tatematsu, K.; Choi, M.; Kang, M.; Umemoto, T.; Lee, J.-E.; Hirota, T.; Yamamoto, S.; Mizuno, N.