Keller, S.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
211 Young Populous Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds. 124 Keller, S.; Bessell, M. S.; Da Costa, G. S.
251 Discovery of Pulsations from the Be/X-ray Binary RX J0101.3-7211 in the SMC by XMM-Newton 410 Sasaki, M.; Haberl, F.; Keller, S.; Pietsch, W.
259 Djehuty: a Code for Modeling Whole Stars in Three Dimensions 72 Turcotte, S.; Bazan, G.; Castor, J.; Cavallo, R.; Cohl, H.; Cook, K.; Dearborn, D. S. P.; Dossa, D.; Eastman, R.; Eggleton, P. P.; Eltgroth, P.; Keller, S.; Murray, S.; Taylor, A.
364 The SkyMapper Southern Sky Survey 177 Keller, S.; Bessell, M.; Schmidt, B.; Francis, P.
404 SkyMapper and the Southern Sky Survey: A Valuable Resource for Stellar Astrophysics 356 Murphy, S.; Keller, S.; Schmidt, B.; Tisserand, P.; Bessell, M.; Francis, P.; Da Costa G.
512 Significant Populations, Lessons Learned from the Sagittarius Stream 301 Hyde, E. A.; Keller, S.; Zucker, D. B.; Ibata, R.; Siebert, A.; Lewis, G. F.; Penarrubia, J.; Irwin, M.; Gilmore, G.; Lane, R. R.; Koch, A.; Conn, A. R.; Diakogiannis, F. I.; Martell, S.