Kenney, J.D.P.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
331 A High Resolution H I Study of Selected Virgo Galaxies: Preliminary Results on Gas Morphology & Extra-Planar Gas 275 Chung, A.; van Gorkom, J.; Kenney, J.D.P.; Vollmer, B.
331 Extra-planar Gas and Dust due to Ram Pressure Stripping of the Virgo Spiral NGC 4402 281 Crowl, H.H.; Kenney, J.D.P.; van Gorkom, J.H.; Vollmer, B.
395 VIVA (VLA Imaging of Virgo in Atomic gas): HI Stripping in Virgo Galaxies 364 Chung, A.; van Gorkom, J.H.; Crowl, H.; Kenney, J.D.P.; Vollmer, B.