Kile, J. N.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
154 Microwave Spectral-Polarization Structure of Type I Noise Storm-Producing Active Regions on the Sun 573 Bogod, V. M.; Gariamov, V. I.; Gelfreikh, G. B.; Willson, R. F.; Kile, J. N.; Lang, K. R.
154 X-Ray Jets and Their Radio Signatures at Metric and Centimeter Wavelenths 707 van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.; Willson, R. F.; Kile, J. N.; Raoult, A.; Klein, L.; Mein, N.; Rudawy, P.; Cader, B.; Rompolt, B.; Schmieder, B.; Mein, P.; Malherbe, J. M.