Kim, C.-H.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
362 Is Isotropic Mass Loss Seen in (O-C)-Diagrams of Close Binaries? 40 Koch, R.H.; Kim, C.-H.
362 The Low-Mass-Ratio Contact Binaries - V410 Aur, V776 Cas, HN UMa, II UMa 82 Oh, K.-D.; Kim, C.-H.; Kim, H.-I.; Lee, W.-B.
435 Spectrum Disentangling of AK Her and VW Cep 251 Lee, C.-U.; Kim, C.-H.; Kim, H.-I.; Kim, S.-L.; Lee, J. W.
482 The First Multi-band Photometric Study of V345 Cassiopeiae 157 Jeong, M.-J.; Kim, C.-H.