King, Ivan R.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
39 Galactic Dynamics 111 King, Ivan R.
48 Globular Cluster Cores: A Problem for HST? 644 King, Ivan R.
66 The Strange Double Nucleus of M31 311 King, Ivan R.; Stanford, S. Adam; Crane, Philippe
92 Main-Sequence Mass Segregation in 47 TUC 257 Anderson, Jay; King, Ivan R.
92 Faint Mass Functions in Globular Clusters from HST Observations 277 King, Ivan R.; Cool, Adrienne M.; Piotto, Giampaolo
182 Stellar Dynamics of the Double Nucleus of M31 35 Statler, Thomas S.; King, Ivan R.; Crane, Philippe; Jedrzejewski, Robert I.
273 HST Proper Motions in Globular Clusters - a New Gold Mine 167 King, Ivan R.; Anderson, Jay