Kisiel, Z.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
420 Towards Quantifying the Prevalence of Primitive Membranes in the Galaxy: The Millimeter-Wave Rotational Spectrum of Pyruvic Acid 87 Kisiel, Z.; Pszczólkowski, L.; Bailkowska-Jaworska, E.; Charnley, S. B.
499 Titan's Complex Atmospheric Chemistry Revealed by ALMA 303 Cordiner, M. A.; Nixon, C. A.; Palmer, M. Y.; Charnley, S. B.; Serigano, J.; Mumma, M. J.; Milam, S. N.; Teanby, N. A.; Irwin, P. G. J.; Kisiel, Z.; Remijan, A. J.; Kuan, Y.-J.; Chuang, Y.-L.; Lis, D. C.