Kluger-Bell, B.

Volume Paper Title Page Number Authors
436 Cultivating Scientist- and Engineer-Educators 2010: The Evolving Professional Development Program 3 Hunter, L.; Metevier, A. J.; Seagroves, S.; Kluger-Bell, B.; Porter, J.; Raschke, L.; Jonsson, P.; Shaw, J.; Quan, T. K.; Montgomery, R.
436 Diversity and Equity in the Lab: Preparing Scientists and Engineers for Inclusive Teaching in Courses and Research Environments 50 Hunter, L.; Seagroves, S.; Metevier, A. J.; Kluger-Bell, B.; Raschke, L.; Jonsson, P.; Porter, J.; Brown, C.; Roybal, G.; Shaw, J.
436 Designing Inquiry Starters 71 Kluger-Bell, B.
436 Improving Learners’ Research Process Skills 82 Quan, T. K.; Hunter, L.; Kluger-Bell, B.; Seagroves, S.